About Spinning Sands

About Spinning Sands

Hello my name is Karen. My beloved dog Beau Beau and I rake mandalas, labyrinths, and other designs in the sands of Seal Rock, Oregon. This is a (brief) story attempting to explain WHY I do what I do.

I have a rare genetic disease that took over my life for five years until I finally received a diagnosis by a specialized geneticist. Six years ago, I was desperately ill and ended up in a wheelchair to move around. Meanwhile, doctors at UCLA Medical Center, misread an MRI. They went so far as to say I was ‘imagining’ the very real and now collapsing rectum inside my body. It is now presumed I was septic for 3 ½ years! 

As a result, my brain, heart, lungs, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, colon, liver, pancreas, thyroid, adrenals, central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems and virtually every joint in my body, were all seriously impaired and functioning very poorly. I could have died any number of ways multiple times. The extensive trauma was physical torment, coupled with an external life that also fell apart, which exacerbated underlying traumas from my childhood leading to debilitating, untreatable and chronic PTSD.

I am a dancer at heart and have been spinning for years. About two years ago, I happened upon a ‘rake at the beach.’ From there the magic began. Raking is a natural progression from the spin. I start in the center and slowly “spin” a design in the sand with a rake. It is a cathartic, therapeutic, Zen-like experience that puts me into a very deep state of flow. From there, I can effortlessly feel my way around the sand raking gynormous symmetrical circle/mandalas freehanded. The ecstatic and blissful state I receive from raking, has allowed me to tackle my physical health and PTSD in a meaningful way contributing to my recovery. Raking is my medicine and my bliss that I will continue to share with the rest of you! So I dance. I spin. I rake. Watch for dates and times and come join me in my ‘spinning bliss’ anytime. 

I love and I thank you all!  Karen – ‘Spinning Sands’